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Details for Alcohol consumption, alcohol dependence and attributable burden of disease in Europe

Name:Alcohol consumption, alcohol dependence and attributable burden of disease in Europe

Authors: Jürgen Rehm, Kevin D. Shield, Maximilien X. Rehm, Gerrit Gmel and Ulrich Frick

This report provides a timely and comprehensive review of the relationship between alcohol consumption and harm in Europe. While European alcohol strategies have typically focused on reducing alcohol misuse through controls on availability, marketing and price, and drunk‐driving countermeasures, this report highlights the considerable potential to reduce alcohol‐related harm through wider implementation of individually directed interventions for people with alcohol dependence. There is now a considerable evidence base which supports the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of brief interventions, and a range of specialist treatment for people with alcohol use disorders. However, this report highlights the current gap between evidence and practice. Less than 10% of people with alcohol dependence receive treatment in Europe; and yet alcohol dependence accounts for a substantial proportion of all harm associated with alcohol.

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